Houston Church Planting Network

Strengthening church planters to multiply churches that reach every man, woman, and child in the greater Houston region.
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Collaborating Together

Multiplying Churches

Reaching Houston

Who We Are

The Houston Church Planting Network is a network of networks, made up of church planters, future church planters, network and denominational leaders, business leaders, and leaders from existing churches committed to church planting – all who love the city of Houston and want to see new churches planted that proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to every Houstonian.
Network Of Networks

There are several networks, denominations, and churches committed to planting churches in the Houston area. HCPN serves as a network of networks where leaders and planters from different groups come together to share best practices and cooperate to reach the city.

Strengthening Planters

The focus of HCPN is on church planters. The belief is that healthy churches are planted by healthy church planters, leaders and teams. We are committed to strengthening church planters through resources, coaching, and connecting planters to one another.

Multiplying Churches

In order to impact a growing city like Houston there must be a commitment to multiplication. Our heart is to see exponential growth of church planters, churches, and networks committed to starting new churches.

Reaching Houston

We are committed to giving every man, woman, and child the opportunity to respond to Jesus by seeing new churches started throughout the city that will impact every pocket of our diverse city.

What We Do


HCPN hosts a monthly gathering designed to strengthen and encourage church planters and others involved in the work of church planting. Join us as we share a meal, build relationships, and are challenged to work together in the pursuit of planting new churches that lead to gospel saturation.

Planter Training

We are committed to helping strengthen church planters by providing quality training for those involved in the work of church planting. We have different training, and residency, programs designed for where you are on the journey of church planting.

Facilitating Collaboration

We believe we can do more together than we can on our own. In that spirit, we work towards partnering with churches and cooperating with networks and denominations that are centered on the gospel and committed to planting churches.

How To Get Involved

1. Attend A Gathering

Join us for our monthly gathering as we meet and learn about church planting, and how God is at work in the greater Houston area. This is a great first step in learning more about the vision and connecting with others throughout the city who have a heart towards collaborating together to plant churches.

2. Train With Us

If you are in the process of church planting consider one of our church planting training programs. If you are involved with HCPN and would like to be involved in training church planters please contact us.

3. Partner With Us

We partner with churches that are committed to reaching greater Houston through planting new churches. Consider becoming a partner and collaborating with other churches throughout the city.


In my role as visionary for NewThing we have been blessed to start church planting networks across the U.S. and around the world. So, I'm often asked, "Where can I see a great example of a network that has come together to help plant churches across a city?" One of the networks I point out as a premier example is the Houston Church Planting Network! HCPN is a diverse network of churches that love church planters, church planting and the mission of Jesus! I highly recommend them.

Dave FergusonVisionary for NewThing

Watching what the HCPN has been able to accomplish over the past few years has been an incredible thing. We are actually using their strategy and structure as we seek to build something similar in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

Matt ChandlerLead Pastor at the Village Church

How We Can Help

How can we reach a city of almost seven million people with the gospel? We can maximize the number one strategy for reaching people, planting new, gospel-centered churches in every corner of our city so that the gospel is accessible to every man, woman and child in the Houston region.


HCPN is funded by generous churches and individuals.

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Note: HCPN is charged a 3% fee to receive online contributions.

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The Houston Church Planting Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.