Collaboration {Collaboration not Competition} 

We value collaboration because partnerships and a unified effort of missional churches will be needed to reach the city.

Saturation {Saturation with Intentionality} 

We value the saturation of gospel centered churches because in order to impact the city we must intentionally plant the gospel in every neighborhood and with every people group.

Multiplication {Multiplication over Addition} 

We value multiplication because in order to reach the growing and diverse population of Houston it will take the exponential expansion of new church planters and churches.

Formation {Spiritual and Strategic} 

We value formation in the lives of church planters because healthy and equipped church planters lead to healthy and effective churches.



We have adopted the Lausanne Covenant as a unifying statement of faith. The Lausanne Movement is a worldwide movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization.  

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Network of Networks

There are several networks, denominations, and churches committed to planting churches in the Houston area. HCPN serves as a network of networks where leaders and planters from different groups come together to share best practices and cooperate to reach the city.

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Strengthening Church Planters

The focus of HCPN is on church planters. The belief is that healthy churches are planted by healthy church planters, leaders and teams. We are committed to strengthening church planters through resources, coaching, and connecting planters to one another.

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Multiplying Churches

In order to impact a growing city like Houston there must be a commitment to multiplication. Our heart is to see exponential growth of church planters, churches, and networks committed to starting new churches.

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Reaching Every Man, Woman and Child

We are committed to giving every man, woman, and child the opportunity to respond to Jesus by seeing new churches started throughout the city that will impact every segment of our diverse city.