Jason Shepperd, Lead Pastor, Church Project

Jason Shepperd, Lead Pastor, Church Project

Wednesday, Revival in our churches

Matthew 16:18 “I will build my church”

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A true calling to pastor comes by the Spirit of God. Since the spirit is the source, the longing remains in us for the spirit to lead. And, as we walk by this same Spirit, we know in our spirit when the Spirit of God is moving among us- or when He is not.

While we deeply desire the power of God alive among us, many pastors shepherd churches where they do not sense that the Spirit of God is at work. Often, sin and strife and disunity and apathy and form and function riddle the life of the people in the body. We may pastor people who "have a form of godliness, but deny its power." II Timothy 3:5. There will, and should, be a holy discontent when the Spirit of God is not moving among us.

As we discuss and seek revival, there are some very important questions that we should consider: What does the revival that we look for, look like? If our hearts long for revival, would Jesus not long for it more than we do? If we are not experiencing revival, is it because Jesus just does not want it? Or are we missing something?

We long for revival. Jesus desires it more. I Timothy 2:4 "God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth."

There are some things that we absolutely know to be true, and then there are some mysteries  that will always remain for us here. We do know that we should request revival. That we should ask God to bring his kingdom, to save souls, to turn hearts to Him. That we should depend upon the spirit, not ourselves, to do the deep work in the heart of man through the power of the gospel. We know that only the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus can resurrect the dead hearts of humanity in our city- and in our churches.

We also know that we can request things from God, but He is not required to respond to us in the ways that we seek Him. Our Father is working eternally, globally, and we do not know all of his ways. We don't make demands of Him that He submits to. 

Jesus said He would build His church. He loves His bride more than we do, and longs for our full readiness for Him. Let us remember that this is his church, and should be led in His ways.

We teach His Scriptures, not our own wisdom. We make disciples the way He did, and say things the way He said them. 

Let us teach His word. Let us pray, give, serve. Let us lead holy lives. Let us love one another, and live in unity without gossip or slander or hard hearts toward His church. He leads, we follow. He speaks, we submit. We pray, obey, and wait.


Jesus, thank you for saving us from our sin and self and separation from you. Thank you for giving us your spirit. Thank you for the privilege of inviting us into your work. Constrain us to walk by your Spirit, seek revival from you, follow your words and your ways, and then only depend upon your power to save and turn hearts to you. Be pleased to find among us pastors in your city who are seeking and serving you, and send your Spirit into our churches to save sinners, and turn hearts to follow Jesus.