On Purpose, For Purpose

2 Timothy 1:9 - “...who saved us and called us with a holy calling, not because of our works, but because of His own purpose and grace, which He gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began...”
By: Chris Millar, College Pastor, University Heights Baptist Church

May 23, 2019

Paul, nearing the end of his life, writes down some of the final words that he will share with his beloved disciple, Timothy. Beginning with an encouragement to share in the suffering that Paul is enduring, Paul then takes somewhat of a theological detour as he gets caught up talking about the Father and the Son! This detour includes a remarkable truth for the believer and I believe can play a major role in seeing renewal in our lives and an awakening in our city.

Paul describes one of the core tenants of the Christian faith, namely, that we are saved by grace and not by works. And my goodness, is that good news for us! That means that God didn’t save me because of how big my church is, how many people I have gotten to lead to Jesus, or how many leaders I have developed, but solely because of His grace AND His purpose! Many of us have spent years thinking about and celebrating the GRACE that God has poured out in our lives and rightly so, but I wonder how many of us stop at grace and don’t allow that grace to move into PURPOSE! One of the things we say in our college ministry almost every week is that God made each and every one of us ON purpose and FOR purpose. That purpose begins in the person of Jesus Christ. That means that renewal begins in Jesus. Revival begins in Jesus. Awakening begins in Jesus. How? Each of these begin when individuals begin to live out their God-designed purposes in Christ. A purpose that is defined by God’s holy calling and by His grace, not by our works.

Some of us might feel discouraged or exhausted because we have been putting in so much time and not seeing the results that we wanted to see or we thought we were going to see or even the results that we prayed we would see. But, I am now striving to live out of a different metric. Today, did I live in light of the truth that God Himself made me on purpose and for purpose? Did I live in light of the grace that allows me to have purpose or did I work to try and make God happy?

I am praying for awakening and I hope you are too. I am praying that each and every person would know that God made them on purpose and they would begin to live out those purposes in Christ each and every day!


Lord, thank You so much for saving us and calling us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to Your own purpose and grace, which You gave us in Christ Jesus. Thank You so much for being a creative God that could create billions of people with billions of unique purposes. God, we pray that we might see awakening in our city and in our nation as each and every member of the body of Christ begins to live out Your purpose for their lives. May it be in Houston as it is in Heaven. For Jesus we pray, amen!