Awaking a Sleeping Giant

2 Timothy 2:3-4
By: Nathan Law, HCPN Church Planting Resident

May 21, 2019

I love the Navy Seals and any kind of special forces type of military. Their motto is “No Easy Day”. These men can literally do things that seem impossible. In order to become a Navy Seal you have to endure some of the most intense trainings known to man including a week called “Hell Week”. Hell week is literally as hard as it sounds. Church planters are a lot like Navy Seals. They dedicate their lives to something bigger than themselves. They pursue dangerous areas that are untouched by the gospel.

Why are the Seals so productive? They know their mission and put in the time to train well for it. As much as I love the Navy Seals anyone with common sense knows that they would not be able to operate apart from the rest of the military. Why is our military so powerful? Because we have a lot of good soldiers. Good soldiers come in all sizes in shapes. A Select group are Navy Seals but other military personnel may never even carry a gun. Our military is unstoppable because it is a unified team, everyone regardless of their role is working together for one common mission. What we need today is Godly soldiers serving in differing areas of the church, unified in purpose and dedicated to The

Great Commission.

The church in America has an abundance of external resources and has the potential to be more powerful than any American military. The reality is that our church seems more like a sleeping giant. As much as the Seals need the Military, the Military also desperately needs the Seals. In the same way Church planters need the established church and the established church needs church planters. As believers, regardless of the specific church we are involved with, we are called to be good soldiers for Jesus.

The need is great, currently the U.S. has the 4th largest unreached population in the world behind only India, China and Malaysia. Churches are closing their doors in mass numbers. Instead of teaching Exodus, there is a mass exodus, people are leaving the church. I can hear the echo of Paul’s words to Timothy being shared with us today: 3 Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs—he wants to please his commanding officer.If the Church will embrace this unified mindset can you even begin to fathom how God could use both the church planter and the established church together to reach this country for His glory! You see our mission cannot be about a single church, it's about a team of collective churches uniting together to reach their city, their state, every state and this world for His glory. Our mission is for the lost to receive life and about believers who are willing to run a rescue mission a yard from hell.


Lord, thank you that you have enlisted us as your soldiers to fight your battle against the enemy. It is a humbling privilege to follow you into the trenches and to the front line to spread the gospel of grace you secured for us at Calvary. Lord, we pray that as believers in your church that we would not become entangled in the affairs of everyday life. Lord, allow us to be soldiers who strive to live lives pleasing to you. Help us to know that we can accomplish the mission because of your grace. Help our gaze to be focused on freeing the captives, equipping and training Your soldiers and above all bringing You glory. Lastly, we pray that established churches and new church plants would work side by side in unity to spread the gospel with an urgency both in America and abroad. To you be the Glory.