Sacrifice for Revival

Romans 6:13

By: Reid Squires, Pastor of Operations and Mobilization, Sojourn Montrose

May 19, 2018

Do not present your members to sin as instruments for unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and your members to God as instruments for righteousness. (Romans 6:13)

The story of the Gospel is the story of a suffering God. Jesus came as a sacrifice, fulfilling the law, manifesting in righteousness, and dying in our place. This is good news on its own, but it’s incomplete without the resurrection, where Jesus’ real body revived in a real way - this changed everything.

As we think about our city and dream about revival, something crystallizes. As we grow in maturity and desire for our city to be revived, we will see ourselves change. The Holy Spirit will do what He has promised, we will begin to transform into the image of Christ. As Romans 6 reminds us, our hands and feet were once instruments of unrighteousness. The Resurrection of Jesus changed us. We who believe, in turn, are raised also from death to life. And Paul, inspired by the same Spirit we have (!) argues that a result of this personal revival is the presentation of ourselves to God as instruments for righteousness. What does this mean?

I think it means we will change. We will see our desires change. We will see our people change. And, we will see our churches change. To see revival happen, regular sacrifice will be a change that roots in us. We will ask our people and ourselves to sacrifice where we live, the cars we drive, the schools our kids go to, the salary we desire - all for the sake of revival. Our churches, likewise, will sacrifice our desired brand, the buildings we might want, the staff positions we have - all for the sake of revival. What are we gripping so tightly that we are failing to see a barrier to revival?

It’s time to present ourselves, brothers and sisters, as instruments for righteousness. Far be it from us to forget we were dead, and we are now revived. When I am farthest from that truth, historically I am also farthest from presenting myself to God as an instrument for righteousness and revival. God calls us to present ourselves as a sacrifice for His mission, but not before sacrificing Himself on the Cross. This is the call. Are we willing to answer it?


Lord, you have done the unbelievable in bringing me from death to life. Let me remember and dwell upon this act. Remind me of the revival that has happened in my heart. Let me remember and dwell upon your death and resurrection. Let me remember and dwell on my call - to present myself as an instrument for your righteousness.

Jesus would you expose where we are gripping idols that are barriers to revival. Shine light into those areas, and flood our streets with the revival only you can bring. We invite it, God. We welcome it. Would you do it for Your name and Your fame? We pray all of this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.