Repentance Revival

Acts 19:18 – “Also many of those who were now believers came, confessing and divulging their practices.”
By: Jeremiah Morris, Lead Pastor, Seven Mile Road

April 21, 2018

Joseph recently met Jesus. He is a young, gifted and educated guy with everything going for him yet he had a nagging spiritual hunger. As we were taking strides towards new life in Jesus he made a comment that caused me to unexpectedly well up with tears as I realized that the Holy Spirit was truly in our midst. He told me that since he started reading the Bible and praying something strange was happening -- activities he had participated in for some time were no longer enjoyable and, in fact, he felt bad about them. I explained what conviction meant and invited him to repent and believe the gospel. Gloriously he crossed the line of faith and is walking in his new life with Jesus.

As I consider what it would like for revival to break out in our city I am reminded of what went on in Acts 19 when Paul’s missionary journeys took him to Ephesus. New believers who were encountering God’s word and ways were aware of the Holy Spirit’s power and were “confessing and divulging their practices.” They were a people previously marked by magic and the occult and their repentance was costly because they burned books worth about 6 million dollars in present day currency. This change of heart was so stunning that it threatened the economic engine in the city and led to rioting.

Where the gospel is heralded in power and the Spirit of God is on the move there should be increasing vulnerability, repentance, and freedom. Confession was the tool that significantly furthered revival realities in Ephesus and the surrounding area. If we are going to experience gospel revolution in a city, it starts in our hearts and will be seen in the fearless confession of Christians. It was true in Ephesus in the first century and it is true in Houston in the 21st -- when light is shined on darkness, we do not want to go back to the darkness anymore. In other words, my invitation is for us to pray for a revival of repentance. Would you be willing to boldly step into the light and lead your people to do the same? Would you pray for the Holy Spirit to blow through our communities with conviction and cause so many people to divulge and abandon their sinful practices that our city would be transformed?!


Lord, would you please reveal your power in undeniable ways among our communities so that people would confess and run from their sin. Make it the case that those who make their living hocking the wares that support our sinful addictions would be worried that supply is going to dry up. I long to see a movement of your power that looks like that. Yes Lord! Bring a Repentance Revival and may it start with my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.