Ears to Hear

”He who has ears to hear....”
By: Susan Wesley, Clear Creek Community Church

May 13, 2018

Jesus often repeated a phrase...”He who has ears to hear....”

Jesus isn’t saying how’s your hearing? He is making a statement that there is a difference in having ears and having ears to hear....

It seems that Jesus is saying “pay attention, listen to what I am saying, tune in......” Stop. Listen. Christ is speaking.
What is He saying?

Three times in a matter of 26 verses, the writer of Hebrews exhorts us with “Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart, (as in the rebellion....) ” As in the children of Israel, who witnessed His deliverance, His provision and His plan to them....and they rebelled—went their own way, refused to believe and obey. Their hearts were hardened.

There’s a clear connection between my ears and my heart.

Our fridge makes weird noises. When we first got it, I heard every time it made a clamor and my attention was drawn there. However, I never hear it anymore. Oh, it still makes the noise. I know this because whenever we have guests, their head spins around wondering “What is that racket?” each time the fridge does its thing.

My ears are no longer attuned to the fridge.
I fear that I am like that with God. The tuning of my ears is directly related to the condition of my heart.

The familiarity of His name, the regularity of hearing, even the commonality of fellowship with His children can serve to lull me into dullness, drunk with an abundance of opportunity. So many books, podcasts, blogs, so many conferences and trainings all beckon me to listen. But when I fill my ears with so many other voices, I can often miss His voice.

Do I have ears to hear what He is saying? It’s possible that revival could start with my own heart, when TODAY, I listen with ears to hear and my heart is soft to His promptings?

I am reminded of the times that I have sensed God’s Spirit prompting me to call someone or serve someone. In those times, when I listened and obeyed, it became clear to me that God was including me in something meaningful for his kingdom that was bigger than me. Few joys in life compare to being used by God like that. If God brings revival, will it mean that we have these experiences DAILY?

Surely, “ears to hear” at least includes responding to the promptings of the Spirit, to courageously acting in obedience so that we’re included in what he’s doing all around us. This is the kingdom of God in our midst.

Today, is my heart ready to respond with obedience? A simple place to start with what I know He continues to say: Forgive as you have been forgiven.
Serve as you have been served
Love as you have been loved.


Our Father in Heaven, Thank you for making us your children. Give us ears to hear your voice amidst all the clamor of this world. Give us wisdom to filter out the drivel. Awaken us to Your voice. Tune our ears to hear your voice. Protect us from the deceitfulness of sin and anything that would harden our hearts. Make our hearts soft to receive your Word and to respond with ready obedience and joy.