Our vision is to see multiple movements of new churches that are centered around the person of Jesus, anchored in a common vision, connected through relationships, unified around our God-given purpose, and decentralized to every level of geography and people group in our city.

HCPN works with churches, leaders and networks of church planters all over the city and from various denominational backgrounds. HCPN is:

Committed to Christ

Committed to church planting

Committed to collaboration

Committed to our city and your local circle


Our dream for Houston is a city transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and churches unifying around a common mission of communicating and demonstrating the gospel to every man, woman and child in the Greater Houston region.

The HCPN Residency has thoroughly equipped me for ministry, but more importantly it’s made me a better man, husband, and father which ultimately allow me to be a better pastor and leader to our church.
— Maxwell Clark, Senior Pastor- Truth Church

Residency Development

Church planting residencies are designed to prepare leaders to plant strong and healthy churches. They are experiential learning environments designed to produce holistically-prepared leaders being a part of a city-wide movement of God’s Kingdom through Houston. You can find a personal description of HCPN’s Church Planting Residency here. Our hope is to see a pipeline of future church planters in a variety of developmental residencies throughout the city. There are three different kinds of residencies we seek to develop:



Training opportunities throughout the city to grow people in their understanding of church planting and mission.
» Education is the primary purpose.


Hands on ministry and leadership opportunities in local churches for those considering church planting.
» Experience is the primary purpose.


A 12-month funded training program for church planters who are preparing to launch a new church.
» Implementation is the primary purpose.

The HCPN Residency has changed the course of my life by creating space, time, money, and other resources for me to realize God’s call, which is to plant, pastor, and preach in the Galleria area. I thank God for the HCPN Residency, for those who worked to create it, who have worked to fund it, to pour into us, and to improve and grow it for future planters. May He use it to change Houston and the word for the salvation of souls and the glory of Christ the King.
— Taylor Ince, Lead Pastor- Sojourn Galleria