Rough Start
Jeff Wells' second attempt at church planting failed. After attempting to plant the church, and another two years trying to merge with another church; none of it took. "I felt like a failure" he says. "It was a very discouraging time."

Houston had been Wells home for four years as a student-athlete at Rice University. After attending seminary in Dallas, Jeff and his family moved to Oregon where he was involved in college ministry. Six years before their return to Houston he was on staff at a new church as their teaching pastor. After all those years in Oregon, Houston was still home.

Following God's call, they packed up everything and returned to Houston. Those next four years were difficult and lonely.

"I pray daily for significant revival in Houston to the point where the gospel penetrates every part of Houston"

In 1993 Jeff and Gayle planted Woodsedge Community Church.Since then they have launched two campuses and two churches. One of those campuses closed, but the others are thriving congregations. "Our goal is to help reach the city." That was their motivation for planting those four churches and it was what lead Jeff to accept a lunch invitation with Jeremiah Morris.

The Invitation
At the time Jeremiah was on staff at First Presbyterian Church. During that meeting Morris shared the vision of HCPN and the other churches involved. Wells knew that church planting has always been the most effective way to reach the lost. From the book of Acts to the present day. "We have seen how much churches can do alone (not much). Planting churches is inherently good. So why not do it together? Why not give practical expression to Jesus' prayer in John 17 working together in a spirit of oneness?"

Benefit to the Kingdom
Wells is optimistic about the future of HCPN and our partners. He is hopeful. There are "encouraging initiatives for churches partnering together to reach the city." And "relational connections with pastors show promising signs." But he recognizes that the value of their partnership with HCPN has not yet reached Woodsedge. "Our goal is to reach the city," Jeff said. "Supporting HCPN and the church planting residency benefits the Kingdom of God. And that's enough."

You too can take the next step in partnering with HCPN.