Micah Squires, Executive Assistant, Houston Church Planting Network

Micah Squires, Executive Assistant, Houston Church Planting Network

Thursday, Spiritual awakening in Houston

Ephesians 5:14

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I grew up in the church. My father is a church planter in south Houston and I was grateful to have a front row seat (as well as starring role) in watching him disciple people to faith in Jesus. However, as a small child, I don’t believe I always knew what was going on. I remember I was back from college one Sunday talking in the lobby with a church member who I have known for most of my life. He was now leading the greeting team for the church and we were catching up on how his daughters, who were a few years younger than me, were doing. We were swapping stories from the early days and he told the story of how he came to faith in Jesus. My dad met him at the local fitness center and they started playing basketball together once a week. Eventually my dad invited him to a Sunday service and he came a few times. He was at a Wednesday night service one week and the gospel was made clear to him and he saw his great need for Jesus. That night he passed my dad in the lobby on his way out and said, “I need to talk”. He recalled, my dad’s quick responds, “put on a pot of coffee, I’ll be right there”. And the rest, is history.  

This story changed me. And it may sound simple and he didn’t share all of the juicy details but it changed me. I would venture to say the Spirit used it to strengthen my faith and awaken my spirit to see His work taking place all around me. God used this story to reveal His faithfulness to be at work in ways I am not always aware of, I thought my dad was just playing basketball. 

In the gospels of the New Testament, we read story after story of revival and at the center is Jesus, typically surrounded by a crowd of people. When I read of miracles performed, I always imagine myself as a young girl just passing by and being drawn to the commotion, then after coming home to tell my parents and sisters everything I witnessed. Jesus didn’t just revive the physical bodies when He was performing miracles, he always pointed to the deeper spiritual revival everyone needed. And the person’s whose physical needs were being met, were not the only ones needing revival, the crowd was invited into it as well. 

We can’t have revival if we don’t believe that the stories revealing where the Spirit is at work are worth sharing. We know that God is continuing to work in our city. We need to wake up to see that the Spirit is at work. Maybe today you have a story to share that will awaken another’s heart or remind them of the saving power of Jesus. 

“Awake, O sleeper,

and arise from the dead,

and Christ will shine on you” 

Will we recognize when we are in the midst of an awakening? Will we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear? I surely hope so.


Lord, we pray for an awakening in our minds and spirit to see you at work in our city.