Kelli Hays, Church in the Center, Blogger at

Kelli Hays, Church in the Center, Blogger at

Thursday, Spiritual Awakening in Houston

Matthew 19:14

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My husband and I moved to Houston in 2008 to plant a church in the medical center. Neither one of us had any idea what that would entail- for the life of our family or our new-to-us city.

Throughout the last 9 years, we’ve been a part of and have seen some exciting things happening in Houston that can only be explained by the movement of the Holy Spirit in his people in this city.

Most recently, we’ve had the privilege to see many of our friends, as well as fellow church planters, begin walking the path of fostering and adoption. On Father’s Day last year, we had two adoptive parents speak to our church- one had adopted through CPS and one adopted internationally. By the end of that service, we knew that fostering and/or adoption were in our near future. In October of last year, we were licensed through CPS and had our first child in our home within days.

Friends, Harris county and the surrounding areas are in a crisis when it comes to foster homes. There are nights-including Thanksgiving and Christmas- that kids sleep on the floor of CPS offices. What keeps coming to my mind is that these kids are going to end up somewhere. They’re going to end up in a children’s home. A jail. Tragically, sometimes, a morgue. They’re going to end up somewhere- what we would love to see happen is that ALL of them end up in loving Christian homes to hear the gospel and prayerfully break generational sin patterns.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is the training schedule convenient when you’re already overwhelmed? Not on your life. Is the amount of paperwork involved enough to make a person crazy? Ahem.

But will fostering a child- pouring into his or her life, showing them the gospel- have the potential to spark spiritual renewal in your life, and the life of your family- and by extension- in your city? Yes! If all THOUSANDS of the foster children in the Houston metroplex were in homes that loved the Lord and shared that love with them, can you imagine the impact that would have on our city when they are adults?

It gives a whole new meaning to Matthew 19:14- “Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Sometimes, letting little children come to Jesus means being Jesus to them.


Prayer: Father, I ask that you speak to me about my role in the care of abandoned children in Houston- whether it be fostering, adopting, volunteering as a CASA worker, or helping out families who are fostering. Open my heart to the possibility of stepping out of my comfort zone in order to give comfort to those who are hurting around me. Amen