Jeremiah Morris, Lead Pastor, Seven Mile Road

Jeremiah Morris, Lead Pastor, Seven Mile Road

Monday, Revival in Our Hearts

Acts 10:9 “The next day, as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the housetop about the sixth hour to pray.”


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God changes the course of human history in times of prayer. I don’t often believe this or live like it, but it is a fact. On this particular day, it was Peter’s devoted prayer time that paved the way for the gospel breaking out into new areas and people groups. God had made it clear in Jesus’ final commission that the gospel would radiate out to the ends of the world but continued overseeing that movement in these moments of prayer. Cornelius had been visited by an angel the previous day during his hour of prayer and had immediately responded by sending messengers to retrieve Peter. It is on the housetop during this time that Peter would have a vision and a word from God clarifying that the gospel was for Gentiles as well. Peter was stunned by the word but knew it was of the Lord and responded accordingly. That vision and subsequent obedience altered church and world history. It was those two men, Peter and Cornelius, seeking God in private moments of prayer that paved the way for this grand Gospel advance.

God is a speaking God, yet I am often not a listening son. Both Cornelius and Peter prioritized time with God – they had space in their daily rhythm to hear just what it was that God was saying. This was a profound intersection that had reverberations throughout history.


Lord, I want to be a part of those sorts of meetings and movements – but will continue to miss them because of distractions, busyness, and self-importance. Help me to create and maintain the space to hear from you. You accomplish more when I stop moving and pay attention to what you are saying than when I am a flurry of activity done for your sake. Help me to be more like Peter and Cornelius – delighting in your presence and making regular, extended time to focus on you. It is in that space that I will hear you and know which direction to head!