John Ogletree, Senior Pastor, First Metropolitan Church

John Ogletree, Senior Pastor, First Metropolitan Church

tuesday, revival in our families

Genesis 2:18-23

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Glenn T. Stanton in “Why Marriage Matters” takes this position on marriage:  “Of all the social problems facing American civilization, the decline of marriage and the breakup of the family is unquestionably our most pressing problem.”   

The present state of marriage is definitely in need of revival.  The divorce rate remains around fifty percent; this includes Christian marriages.  Unmarried adults in America outnumber married adults for the first time.  Cohabitation is at an all-time high and seems to be the trend.  Men and women are now waiting until almost thirty to get married.  We are truly in need a revival to ensure the legacy of marriage thrives.

Marriage was God’s gift to man.   After God pronounced “good” on all of His creation, He saw that it was not good or pleasant for the man He created to live life alone.  Man needed a companion to communicate with and complete the leadership needed to fulfill God’s plan for His idea of the family.   Man also needed a “helper” or one who could provide assistance, aid and relief.  This helper had to be one who was equipped and appropriate for man.  That helper was a woman.  Woman was designed to be man’s counterpart: thus God instituted marriage!   

Marriage was not man’s idea, creation or desire, it was God’s. The need for companionship and a helper has not diminished or dissipated.  In spite of all the advancement in education, modern technology and the acquisition of material things this need still exists.  The world has tried to alter God’s original plan, but this has only led to the social ills that plague us today.  Marriage is God-ordained!  It is God’s original plan for man to live a wholesome, pleasing and fulfilling life.

There must be a reversal in the way marriage is trending today.  During this period leading to Pentecost, let’s unite in praying for the restoration of hearts for God’s original plan for man, a renewal for commitment to remain married, and a resurrection of passion for covenant-relationship of marriage.  We must model and pass this legacy of marriage to our children and grandchildren.


Heavenly Father thank you for the gift of marriage.  Turn our hearts and desires back to your design for man and woman.  Between Easter and Pentecost prompt us with Your Spirit to pray for marriage and its legacy.  Revive, restore, renew, and resurrect that which will strengthen the God-honoring covenant relationship of marriage.  May our children and grandchildren keep this legacy strong and alive!