Casey Cease, Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church, The Woodlands

Casey Cease, Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church, The Woodlands

Friday, Workers in and For the harvest

Matthew 9:35-38

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As Jesus was doing the work set out before him by his Father, he noticed the pronounced needs of the people. He observed that they were “harassed and helpless.” These people had obvious needs that needed to be met immediately. They needed to be healed and they needed food to eat, for sure. They also had deep needs, beyond their felt and physical needs, beyond their societal and political needs.

The observation of Jesus goes much deeper, though. They didn’t just need their physical and relational needs tended to. They needed their spiritual needs met, but they did not know who or where they could turn to for this. The people were eager to have an immediate fix, but were missing the point of their ultimate need.

But Jesus did not immediately command the disciples to solve the problem. Instead, he called them to pray. He called them to pray for a growing multitude of workers who could care for these people long- term. He called them to pray to the Owner of the harvest to send his workers to the field. There was not an urgent demand to do more work—there was a clear call to pray for God to send the workers. His workers.

In our time, we often rely on other people to do the work God has commissioned for His church to do. We rely on the government to solve the problems of the “least of these,” and then complain when we have to pay more taxes to cover those expenses. Christians must realize that we are each uniquely gifted in ways to do the harvest work. As we pray for workers of the harvest, we must also offer what we have to the Lord and invite him to show us how he might use us to help those around us who are “harassed and helpless.” Even if they have all their felt needs met, everyone has a deep spiritual need to be forgiven of their sins and given a right relationship with God through his Son Jesus.

The same is true today. There is a harvest and it is plentiful. Let’s pray to the Lord of the harvest to help us see how we can participate in the work, and petition him to raise up even more of his workers

in the Greater Houston area and beyond!


Father, we thank you for Jesus, who is our hope and the hope for those around us. We pause to ask you to continue to raise up workers to tend to the harvest in the Greater Houston area. Help us to be mindful of the ultimate task you have given to your Bride, the Church, to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples. We ask you for revival in our city and for workers to tend to those who are a part of the harvest, that they might mature to complete usefulness. Use us to do this work in our city that we might raise up workers for the harvest around the world. We pray this in Jesus’s name, amen.