Christian Moore, Lead Church Planting Pastor, EverGrace

Christian Moore, Lead Church Planting Pastor, EverGrace

Thursday, spiritual awakening in houston 


Exodus 32:9-14




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"It is possible to move men, through God, by prayer alone." ~ J. Hudson Taylor

"Prayer lays hold of God’s plan and becomes the link between His will and its accomplishment on earth. Amazing things happen, and we are given the privilege of being the channels of the Holy Spirit’s prayer." ~ Elisabeth Elliot

Christians today wholly underestimate the power and impact they could have on a city. Perhaps it is because of our incessant orientation to the visible and comprehensible realm of living. No doubt, the kingdom of darkness endeavors to shroud the effectiveness of just one prayer, even by the weakest saint.

If we only understood the transforming change it could have in a community, and the victory it could have, with one heart-felt prayer toward the throne of mercy, we would truly pray without ceasing. For it is when we pray so, we hear from God, the God who loves this world, souls abundantly more than we could ever love.

Volumes of books could be written on the topic of prayer’s power and the inevitable spiritual surge that follows in a city. Countless stories could be told of answers to prayers: healings, salvations, deliverances, and provisions that have come from the prayers of God’s People. The God that dwells between the cherubim waits to be gracious and eagerly desires to move across Houston today by His Sprit, yet He has in some respects limited Himself to the simple prayers of frail men and women.

The secret to moving people is not to wrangle with them about God, but to first converse alone with God about them. This is the power of evangelism. Evangelism and revival preceded by prayer is by far the most effective ministry. Prayer and missions are the inseparable married pair; if there is to be spiritual fruit, they must never be divorced from each other. To move Houston, our nation, a family, or a soul, we first and foremost must move God in prayer.

In turn, God moves the heart of people. For is it not that the heart of the most powerful king lays in the hand of God and that He turns it however He pleases? - Proverbs 21:1

Here is an example of what is being said - Exodus 32:9-10. God is moved against the Hebrew nation to destroy it in His anger. Yet Moses went before God and petitioned the God of Israel. By rehearsing before God His own Covenant with His People, he moved God to change His Mind. Moses moved a nation by moving Israel's Lord.

God seeks “to and fro throughout the earth” for an intercessor, that He would not destroy the land - to make up the gaping gulf - to make up the gap in prayer - Ezekiel 22:20. He is looking today for prayer intercessors, intimate conversants, yes, He is doing more than looking; He is drawing them into His inner throne room to share with them a secret of His love for this lost city of Houston that is perishing. For when He has drawn us to Himself, He purges us, cleanses us and tells us His burden for people.


O Lord of the harvest here in Houston, move us to move You in prayer. Give us Your burden, your tears and your unction.