Marshall Dallas, Lead Pastor, Sojourn Montrose

Marshall Dallas, Lead Pastor, Sojourn Montrose

Friday, Workers in and for the harvest

Acts 17:24-35

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In this passage, Paul explains to the Athenians an uncontroversial Christian belief: God made the world and everything in it (v. 24) It’s not necessarily earth-shattering for us, but at the time it was. Paul goes on to say that mankind itself only has life because the one true God has given it to us. So, Paul concludes that God is not ultimately in a position of need with regard to us. Rather, he always has, is and will be the one who gives. Colossians 1:17 goes on to tell us that it is through the Son that the entire universe is upheld. God doesn’t need us.

However, it is also incontrovertibly true, both in this text and in the entire biblical narrative, that God chooses to use people. As the text in Acts reminds us, God made every nation of mankind and placed them on the earth so that they might seek him and find him. Paul then tells us that the one true God isn’t difficult to find because it’s in him we live and move and have our being. The image of God in us and the glory of creation around us, although marred by sin, speak to us of him, and especially as they are being restored and redeemed by the gospel. The entire narrative of Acts shows that God intends to redeem people through his redeemed people, by the power of the gospel of Jesus (v.30-34).

With these truths in view, we can read verse 26 as one of the most comforting verses for any pastor/ minister/missionary/church planter/Christian. God himself determines the allotted periods and boundaries of our dwelling place. Brothers and sisters, we are not in Houston by some cosmic accident. We have been particularly and purposefully placed. Why? The answer is simple: so that some might seek and some might find. In praying for laborers, let’s pray urgently and from a posture of utter confidence. God will save and send every laborer he needs to accomplish his work in our city. Let’s join in that work, and pray to him for an abundant harvest! Pray with me.


God, how gracious you are to your people! Thank you for Jesus’ faithfulness on our behalf, and that by it we can be made faithful. God, would you save and send laborers in this period of time and to these boundaries so that many would seek you and find you? Would you graciously save and send a host of God-fearing, Jesus-loving, Spirit-empowered, gospel-proclaiming men, women and children to Houston so that our city would be redeemed? God vindicate your name in our time and in our city, and bring the people you’ll use to do it by your Spirit. Amen.