Darrell Jackson, Church Consultant, San Felipe Baptist Association

Darrell Jackson, Church Consultant, San Felipe Baptist Association

Tuesday, Revival in our Families

Psalms 128:1-6

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For decades, the Psalms have provided God’s people with an array of information that has served as a major source of encouragement, instruction, and hope for those in need.

As we read the Psalms, in some sense, we are able to feel the joys and the pains of those who faced some of life’s most challenging and celebratory moments. Throughout the Psalms, God uses the lives and testimonies of His people to offer us instruction on how to live our lives as those who are apart of His family. Thus, as we consider these truths, let us reflect on Psalm 128 and consider the elements needed for Christian families throughout our land to experience revival.

Psalm 128 is apart of a section of the Psalms that are called the “Songs of Ascent.” The Songs of Ascent Psalms were songs that families sung as they traveled up to Jerusalem together to worship God. Now think about that picture for a moment. The ancient families traveled together, sung together, and headed to worship together with the primary purpose of worshipping God.... what an amazing thought!

Growing up, I can remember the singing and the laughter that my family and I experienced as we traveled to church together on Sunday mornings. We looked forward to worshipping God together and then coming home to talk about our experience. However, in a day where families are distancing themselves from one another, we rarely hear stories of families that experience this type of communion. But if families are to experience revival, I believe that the key is found in their willingness to personally and collectively take God seriously by prioritizing His wants and desires over their own!

Psalm 128 gives us a picture of the blessed results of a family who prioritizes God. The psalmist says that a family who prioritizes God is one that reverences (holds Him in high regard/takes Him seriously) and obeys Him! Consequently, the psalmist says that the result of a family’s willingness to prioritize God’s will provides fertile ground for God’s blessings to permeate their homes, their community, and their world.

Thus, I believe our world will change, and our families will experience revival both now and in the future, when our “life-songs” are changed from that of selfishness, to one of surrender. God’s commitment to heal and revive our families is directly related to our commitment to reverencing, worshipping, praying, and obeying Him both personally and collectively!


Our Father, our families are in desperate need of Your help. As we seek Your face, cause our hearts to turn towards You and away from our own sinful desires. Make our families one, even as You are one. God, help us to find our contentment in Jesus Christ alone to the end that our world will experience an extreme spiritual makeover, all because Your Word is at home within the hearts of the families with whom You have saved. In Jesus name we offer this prayer, Amen.