Kort Marley, Lead Pastor, Providence Community Church

Kort Marley, Lead Pastor, Providence Community Church

Tuesday, Revival in our Families

 Acts 1:14 “Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen… Make them known to your children and your children’s children…”

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God commands the children of Israel through the words of Moses to guard their hearts against forgetfulness. If there is one thing we know about the children of Israel, it is that they are often prone to this sin throughout the Old Testament. The cyclical narrative looks something like this: God works miraculous things to continue his convenient faithfulness to Israel, Israel experiences great salvation and redemption, only forget God’s great work and love for them and fall into serving idols. 

Although this story is ancient, it is not so distant that it cannot speak to us today. Sin’s effects are just as prevalent on our hearts, and we are just as prone to forget God’s faithfulness. The good news is that God gives the children of Israel an antidote to their forgetfulness - familial revival. 

God speaks through Moses to Israel and commands them to “make [my ways] known to your children and your children’s children.” There is something about imparting the faithfulness of God each day to the next generation that keeps our hearts softened to God daily. As we invest time, prayer and love into our children we are daily brought back to dependence on God for the strength, wisdom and grace it requires to fulfill such a daunting task - and there is not better place to be than on our knees, calling out to God for things such as this. 

Family discipleship is God’s built-in design to create dependent, humble, heaven-gazing followers. If you don’t think family discipleship will create a neediness in you, take some time to shepherd the heart of a stubborn toddler or labor to impart grace to a rebellious teenager. When the body of Christ returns to a vigorous and hungry focus on family discipleship, spiritual revival cannot help but follow. Why? Because the body of Christ is one big family made up of a myriad of needy, unique, and even broken smaller families. When these redeemed and reconciled families embrace their role in revival at home, the revival of the Church cannot help but follow. 
Let us pray that revival will begin in the living room today, as families call out to God for the help necessary to impart the gospel to the next generation. 


Lord, you are more than enough to carry your name into the next generation. Our hearts bow in prayer today because someone imparted the gospel to us. We ask that you would ignite a passion in our homes for family discipleship that would carry over into our Sunday gatherings. Make vibrant faith, a pursuit of holiness and an embrace of grace be a daily identity for our families in Greater Houston. Help us to prioritize a culture of remembrance in our homes that would cleanse us from any spiritual amnesia we may be suffering from. May we be vessels of reconciliation in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and city. In your name we pray, Jesus. Amen.