Day 7

The Secret Place

Luke 4:42- “Early the next morning Jesus went out to an isolated place,...”

By: Efrain Cirilo, Lead Pastor/Church Planter, Merge Church

During his time here on earth, Jesus regularly disconnected from the world to hear the voice of God. As I ponder on this verse, I realize the importance of spending time alone with God in prayer. If prayer was important for our Savior, it surely should be important to us. There is a level of intimacy in prayer that helps us see the Father’s heart. However, we must be intentional in disconnecting from the world so that we can hear the voice of God.

Sometimes we need to say no to something in order to say yes to God.

All sorts of things will try to crowd God out of your life. Jesus faced pressure from the crowds, and he had to choose between doing good and doing God’s will. The crowds constantly tugged on Jesus to heal them or to do another miracle. Jesus knew that with so much need everywhere, He had to hear the voice of His Father.
If we aren’t careful we can very easily listen to the wrong voices and get tugged and pulled in all different types of directions.

We have to tune into God’s voice, because if not we will only hear the voice of the crowd and get weighed down by the pressures of life. Like a radio station that we can’t quite hear clearly, all the voices will cause static and make it difficult for us to tune into the Voice we need to hear most. We must find the static free zone to turn down all of the other voices, noise and demands from the world. It’s in the static free zone where true revival will take place. Prayer ultimately changes you. God longs for us to draw near to him. He desires for us get so close to him that when He whispers in our ear we can hear his voice.


Lord, thank you for showing us the way to a deeper more fulfilling relationship with our Heavenly Father. I pray as we are intentional in prayer you will break our hearts for what breaks your heart. May you unite the churches across the City of Houston to spark an awakening that will reach people who are far from you with the love of Jesus Christ.