Houston is Being Rocked by the Gospel!

Acts 2: 43-47
By: Marilyn Lee, Executive Director, Loving Houston

May 15, 2019

I love this paraphrased definition of “Awakening” from Tim Beougher: “When the wider society is impacted and a community is rocked by the Gospel.”

This is exactly what was happening in Acts 2: 43-47! In addition to praying together and listening to the apostles’ teaching, the believers ate together, pooled their resources, and shared what they had. As a result, they were met with favor and people were being saved every single day!

In communities across Greater Houston, people are in need of the same kind of fellowship and support. We are lonely, overworked, or struggling with mental health challenges. We are hungry, homeless, at risk of being trafficked, or stuck in the foster care system. Hope is so often squelched by the realities of life, and we are all in need of prayer and support.

Praise God that our communities also have Gospel-believing churches made up of beautifully diverse people who have been blessed by God with gifts and skills that have the power to impact our society for good. Believers are offering medical expertise, legal counsel, home-cooked food, a listening ear, home repair help, and other much-needed support. Whether serving through corporate volunteer programs, local nonprofits, or church-school partnerships*, believers are impacting our society for good in Jesus’ name! Jesus is being seen in a whole new light as people are experiencing the love of Jesus in a tangible way in our communities.

As a result, churches are increasing in favor and people are being saved. Houston is indeed being rocked by the Gospel!


Dear Father, Thank You for the awakening that is happening all across Greater Houston. Thank you that churches are intentionally building relationships in their communities and positively impacting our wider society. We pray that our neighbors here in Houston would continue to experience You in a personal way – as children are being tutored and mentored by Your followers, as parents and teachers are being cared for by Your churches, and as Your children strive to live as Jesus did, loving those around us unconditionally and with no strings attached. Would you continue to bring awakening to Houston? Rock our communities with Your love as we demonstrate and proclaim Your Gospel!

*Praise God that there are more than 290 church-school partnerships across Greater Houston showing the love of Jesus in a tangible way to children, parents, and teachers!