Hearing the Voice of Jesus

John 10:3 and 10:27 say that we, like sheep, will hear and recognize His voice if we’ll listen.
By: Ken Werlein, Pastor, Faithbridge

May 19, 2019

I suspect if you’re reading this, you are wide awake in Christ. But I wonder, are you praying for those still sleeping spiritually?

Recently my wife announced, “Our windows look terrible outside, and I need you to take care of that.” I did what every all- American husband should do: I googled window cleaners and chose the one with the best pictures!

Calling the number, I talked with “Raymond,” and to my delight he said they could come that afternoon.

After putting his three crew members to work, while standing on my porch, Raymond asked me if I was a believer.” I said, “Well, as a matter of fact, I am!”

He said, “Great! I am going to give you a little discount I give to fellow believers,” so I thanked him and said, “Tell me then, Raymond, how did you become a believer?”

He said, “Oh, it’s a great story! One night I was up looking through the TV channels for something to watch, and I happened across a Billy Graham revival service rerun from Dodger Stadium.”

He said, “I didn’t know who the preacher was or care anything about what he was saying. The only reason I kept watching was because I wanted to spot the seats in Dodger Stadium where my dad and I used to sit when, as a boy growing up in California, we would go to Dodgers’ games together.”

He said, “My dad is no longer living, but to this day when I see Dodger Stadium, if the cameras angle just right, I can see those seats where we sat together, and it always makes me feel good. That’s the only reason I kept watching that night!”

“But as I was searching, I heard Billy Graham say something about my sinfulness, and that there was no way I could ever trust in my own ability to do enough good works to outweigh all my sinfulness – and that ultimately I would have to pay the price for my sins and be separated from God through eternity. And that caught my attention.”

“So I kept listening, and Billy Graham explained that Jesus had come to this earth to pay the price for my sins!

And that’s precisely when the fog started clearing in Raymond’s mind, and he started to realize that Christ had come into this world to live the life of sinless perfection that none of us could ever live, so that He could die the death of punishment on the cross that all of us deserve, so that on the third day He could conquer the grave we could never conquer!

“As I listened to him, I felt my heart wanting what he was talking about. I wanted to know that I could be forgiven for all my sins, and I wanted to know I could have life, too!”

He said, “So right there in front of the TV that night, I asked Jesus to come into my life and forgive me and to give me a new start. And when I said, ‘Amen’ . . . I knew something had happened inside of me!”

Hearing the voice of Jesus

John 10:3 and 10:27 say that we, like sheep, will hear and recognize His voice if we’ll listen.
By: Ken Werlein, Pastor, Faithbridge

“I felt free, and excited, and like the pressure had come off my shoulders . . . so much so that I burst into the bedroom exclaiming to my wife, “Babe! Guess what!? I think I just became a believer, and I can tell something is already changing inside of me!”

“She was so grateful to God that I’d finally gotten saved that she started crying!”

“And that’s how it all started for me. I’ve never been the same, since. And at every house we pull up to wash windows for, I try and find a way to tell that story because I want everybody to know that the good news of Christ for me could become good news for them, as well!”

. . . While searching for some seats in Dodger Stadium where he and his dad had once sat . . . Raymond heard the voice of Jesus and woke up that night!


Forgive us, God, for growing consumed with the mundane chores of starting and running churches. Please open our eyes to the countless “Raymonds” we might be brushing shoulders with even today. Awaken us, Lord, to how good Your Gospel is, so our hearts will be filled with an eagerness to share this Good News! For Jesus’ sake, amen!”