Get In Line, Get Empowered

2 Corinthians 9:8: And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.
By: Steve Bezner, Senior Pastor, Houston Northwest Church

May 24, 2019

Almost 50 years ago, Maurice Berquist wrote a small spiritual classic called The Miracle and the Power of Blessing. I didn’t read it until almost a year ago, but was immediately blessed by its freshness and clear love for the Lord. In it, Berquist uses a powerful illustration. He asks the reader to picture an electrical wire strung between two power poles. He then asks them to imagine another, separate, wire near the ground magically hovering parallel to the wire that is strung between the poles.

Can you picture this? Two wires parallel to one another—one of them is connected to the power source, the other one is parallel to the connected wire.

Berquist then explain that due to the laws of electromagnetism that both wires would be filled with electricity. Why? Because—somehow —electricity fills the wire that is not visibly connected as long as it is in line with the other wire.

Berquist makes a simple connection: Would you like to be filled with the power of the Spirit? Would you like to be awakened? Then you must get in line with Him. Get your life in such a way that the power of the Spirit can flow from Jesus and into you.

How would that ever happen? Over the years faithful saints have noticed simple practices that allowed people to experience the blessing of God in their own lives which have then been able to be poured out on others or on their own churches.

  1. Prayer. Yes, this is on every single list for receiving the blessing of God. The difficulty, of course, is why we don’t employ it more. It is the very power of God, and it is the primary way that we can do battle against darkness. It is the way we experience the love of God. It is the way we can cry to our Father and tell Him the blessings we desperately need. Why would we not do that? When we pray, we move into a posture whereby we position ourselves to receive the receive the very heart of God. Prayer rights our thinking, our attitudes, and allows us to know God more deeply. It’s even been shown to have health benefits. We need to pray more!

  2. Scripture. If prayer prepares the heart so that it is sensitive to the voice of the Spirit, then the Word of God is the voice of the Spirit. If you read the Bible for any amount of time, you will have an odd experience. You will read a passage of Scripture and, for some strange reason, one of the verses will seemingly jump off the page. You will feel your heart speed up. You will have a warm sensation. You will feel the need to understand that verse. What is that experience? That is the Spirit of God speaking to you through His Word. If you want to get in line with the Spirit, what better way than to let him talk to you in Scripture?

  3. Obedience. Followers of Jesus do two things: hear and obey. If you have prepared your heart to hear in prayer and have heard him in Scripture, you now need to get in alignment. There is only one way to do so—to ACT on what He has told you, and to do it immediately.

  4. Humility. Arrogance is antithetical to the gospel. Jesus washes feet. The Son of Man came to serve. Do none of these things out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Instead, do them with humility. The world says confidence and cockiness is the way to power and influence. But the Jesus way is humility.

Jesus wants you to experience awakening. It’s not as complicated as many make it. We must simply do the things He has shown us. Let’s get in line.


Lord, we want to receive your blessing. We know, father, that we can quench your Spirit when we disconnect from You. Teach us, O God, to align ourselves with your heart so we might see and experience all that you have intended to give. Give us hunger for the right things. In your Name, Amen.