Genuine Repentance, Genuine Action, Genuine Awakening

Romans 12: 9-12
By: Crystal Williams, Speaker/Writer at - Katy, Texas

“Love In Action” (NIV), “Christian Ethics” (CBS), “Marks Of The True Christian” (ESV), “Behave Like A
Christian” (NKJV)... 
each of these subtitles were chosen to summarize what we read in Romans 12:9-18. Don’t those titles alone sting a little? When I read a subtitle like that I am indeed intrigued, but also slightly nervous because I know any words following the title, Marks Of The True Christian, carry a serious tone and immediately it is understood that we are called to live these words out and not solely read them or pray about them. 

Right in the middle of clarifying to the Romans that we indeed are one body made up of many members (Romans 12:3-8) and continuing on with how as Christians we are to submit to governing authorities (Romans 13), Paul makes it a point to say, “oh and by the way, someone who is genuinely going to call themselves a Christian shouldact this way.” I believe people desiring revival and awakening should also act this way. 

Genuine awakening will awaken an entire body, not just one part of the body. We - the body of Christ, the collective church in Houston - are indeed one body made up of many members, so together we must ask ourselves: how are we acting?

What if revival comes when we actually begin to act like we are commanded to in the verses referenced? What if awakening breaks out in us and spreads like wild fire when Christians actually live like Christ did: in love, in unity, in servanthood, in humility, in zeal, and in hope.

My prayer for the Christians in this beautiful city is that we go back to the commands in scripture and obey. Not just read, not just discuss, but obey. No change will come without honesty. So church, fellow members of one body, let us experience awakening together through genuine reflection, repentance, and prayer.

But let us not stop there, rather let us be "doers of the Word not just hearers of the Word, and so deceiving ourselves” (James 1:22). Let us be intentional and proactive to put into action every command given to us in Romans 12. Can you imagine if all believers in Houston truly lived to “love without hypocrisy”, “bless and not curse”, “associate with the humble”, “be persistent in prayer” and “outdo one another in showing honor?” Brothers and sisters, let us use these days of prayer to repent for any and all areas where we are falling short (or quite frankly, just lazy) and call out to our Father in Heaven for strength to show the city of Houston what love in action really looks like as we begin to experience awakening.


Lord, thank you for your word and thank you for your example. You taught in word and in deed. Help us reflect during these days of prayer on our actions or lack thereof. Help us genuinely repent. And Father, we rally together in desire for genuine awakening to breakout throughout the entire city of Houston as we continue seeking you. In Jesus’ name, amen.