From the Darkness Comes Light

2 Cor 4:6 - For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
By: Jay Blackburn, Associate Pastor, Coastal Community Church

June 8, 2019

Awakening. An act of waking from sleep. A moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. A coming into existence or awareness.

Several years ago I was on a trip with our youth in the mountains of Colorado. We would spend a week trekking to the top of one of the many 14,000 foot mountains that are in the state. This particular mountain we were climbing was the tallest in state; Mount Elbert. The morning of our summit day we began our hike around 2 or 3 am in the morning. The reason was to summit early and avoid the daily thunderstorms on the mountains which can be extremely dangerous. Once you clear the tree line at around 12,000 feet it’s just you and open sky. It was one of the longer summit hikes I had been a part of but this crew moved extremely fast. So fast that we summited before the sun came up. Sitting atop a mountain at 14.440 feet with not a drop of sunlight was extremely cold and windy. Then it came. The first drop of sunlight appeared on the far eastern horizon and you would have thought we were suddenly at the beach. It infused life back inside of us. Energy and warmth...and most of all, light to see the wide expanse of the Colorado landscape.

Sometimes as followers of Jesus we end up in some pretty dark and desolate places. They can be places where we experience fear, loneliness or apathy. We long for that drop of light to filter into the room or into soul to re-light the way back to the Father. The Good News is this. Jesus walked and was in that same place and went before us. He is the way that lights the path for us. Just when it feels like the break of dawn won’t ever come that first drop of light fills the sky. The Light breaks the darkness. The Light causes awakening. Awakening like we’ve never experienced before. The Light gives life. If we are truly following him, we won’t walk in the darkness but have the light of life. (John 8:12)

My hope is that the Church would continue to be awoken to the plans of the Father. May we humble ourselves before Him and follow wherever He leads.


Father, we seek you first above all things. We thank you that you meet us in the dark places and bring light in a way that only you can. We give you praise that you rescued us from the darkness and brought us into the light. Thank you Father for awakening! Thank you that you have called us to be part of awakening others. We ask for your eyes to see others the way you see them. We pray for you protection as we are sometimes called into dark places to help rescue others. We love you, and we declare our love for you today from the roof tops.