Awaken Potential, Provoke Transformation

Proverbs 16:24 NKJV-“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb...”

By: Jason Hall, Director, Attack Poverty – Friends of Sundown Location and Lead Pastor, Dream Movement

June 2, 2019

Solomon, who is known to be the wisest and wealthiest king in the history of the Nation of Israel, succeeded his father King David’s reign. David came from humble beginnings as a Shepherd Boy and is famous for defeating the Philistine giant, Goliath. This story derived from a “pleasant word” spoken by the Prophet Samuel – a word that awakened potential in the teenager, David, who would ultimately go on to be used to provoke the transformation of Israel into victory.

Proverbs 16:24 says, “Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” This passage of scripture ignited a fire in me recently as I sat in a fourth grade awards ceremony in the under-resourced community that we, Attack Poverty - Friends of Sundown and Dream Movement, serve in Katy. I was there to support a fourth grade boy I mentored throughout the school year and as I listened to the teachers announce the various awards – A Heart of Gold, Classroom Helper, Kindness and Citizenship, it was so powerful to see the students proudly stand up to receive their award. The teachers were speaking into the lives of the students through those awards.

I began to reflect on my relationship with my mentee. He reminds me of the young Shepherd Boy, David. He has an amazing glow about him and I see great potential in him. I believe I am in his life to awaken potential and provoke transformation by speaking life into his current situation. His parents both work long hours and do not have much time to spend with him. His life resonates with me as I come from a single parent home where my mother had to work long hours to care for me and my sisters. His parents see a kid, but I see a King! I see the potential in him to be a giant slayer and to lead a nation. My purpose in his life is to be his Samuel. I am called to speak pleasant words into his life like a honeycomb.

A honeycomb is a place where bees store honey and eggs. Sweetness defined is pleasing and delightful. Eggs are often the result of conception. Think about this for a minute. When pleasant words are spoken and our soul is delighted, healing is conceived. I believe when we speak pleasant words we are contributing to a storage unit in the lives of people. That storage unit will eventually release like an egg hatching with new life from the pleasant words spoken. This will produce a harvest into the lives of the people. If God has called you to speak into someone’s life, you could be influencing a nation! A word from God has the potential to change everything.


My prayer is that as we reflect on this passage may we be mindful to speak pleasant words into the lives of people in and throughout our city. Let it be sweet to their souls and healing to the bones. God help us to be outwardly focused, to invest in others and our community and to speak pleasant words in order to awaken potential and provoke transformation into their lives.