Seeking the Revivalist

Psalm 24:1-10
By: Bryant Lee, Pastor, Higher Expectations Church, President of the Collaborative Fellowship

Our western culture of revival makes revival more about us than about God. When I hear people often talk about revival, it’s not in anticipation of God showing up in their lives it is more about an experience based on feeling that something is happening to us rather than something happening in us.

Psalm 24 is a song that reminds us how to pursue revival in anticipation of having an encounter with the reviver.

The psalmist opens up by reminding us of the God of all creation and that ultimately everything that we see, feel, hear and touch is a result of his creation.

Yahweh is the one who has created all things and that you and I are simply experiencing the overwhelming beauty of His creation.

It is with this understanding, we can look to God with hopeful anticipation that he is more than able to revive our weary souls.

In the next stanza of verses three through six, we get a sense of preparation before being revived. Who may venture to have an audience with the Lord. We naturally would argue this is the role of priests, however we can see that it is a beckoning for God’s people also. Let us look afresh at the psalmist encouragement like a director through a lens positioning actors for the perfect shoot.

The first requirement is clean hands and a pure heart. Simply put our actions and intentions must stride together in preparation of meeting the one who can revive us.

Then we are reminded of the focal point of our worship. The psalmist reminds us that the idolatry that surrounds us must be rejected as counterfeit and catastrophic to our desire for revival.

While not all inclusive of what it takes to bring personal and corporate revival the desire for integrity of heart is listed as a key foundational principle for revival.

Here in verse six we get a glimpse of the corporate nature of revival with this statement. “Such is the generation of those who seek Him”.

In the third stanza of the Psalm we are encouraged to pursue the reviver with great anticipation, verses seven through ten.

What makes revival possible is our desire and anticipation of an encounter with God. It is with expectation that God will join us as we acknowledge and call out to Him that makes our pursuit of revival possible.

Let me encourage us not to see revival as a momentary fixing of the soul, but as a daily desire to shape an even deeper intimacy with Jesus the true Revivalist.


Lord there is none like you, your handiwork is on full display in all that you have created. Forgive our shortcomings and remove our desire for sin, meet us in our secret place and transform our hearts. Lord it is you that we need, to this end come in and revive us.