Revival is God's Idea

“I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.” Isaiah 42:8
By: Jason Shepperd, Lead Pastor, Church Project

April 15, 2018

Revival is the gracious intervention of God, interjecting His glory into dying and apathetic souls and situations, and bringing an awakening that leads to salvation and ultimate alignment with His mission.

We want Revival. But we want it because God made us to want it. Our old nature doesn’t want this. Our old nature is about us, our glory, our elevation. Our new nature in Christ is what makes us want to be a part of a move of God. Our new nature wants us to decrease, so that Jesus may increase.

Apart from God’s gracious intervention in our selfish sinful heart, and His Spirit initiating our regeneration with a new nature, we would care nothing about Revival. God initiates all of this!

And He wants Revival more than we do. Salvation and mission and new life are His ideas, His work. So, why is it not happening more? If God wants Revival, what might He be waiting for? Is He waiting on us? Or are we waiting on Him?

God is waiting on us to be waiting on Him. God desires our dependence on Him. God desires our desire for Him.
God deserves this.

Until we deeply desire and completely depend on Him, there is a danger in God sending a revival to us. A mighty move of God could compromise His glory, if His people would take any honor or credit for what God might do.

God will not share His glory. He will not initiate a glorious revelation of Himself in a place where someone else will want the honor for His work.

Let us make sure that God is receiving the glory in our lives. Let us ensure that we are submitted to Him, honoring Him with our hearts and conduct. Let us seek Him, asking Him to move among our congregations, and in our city, confessing our dependence upon Him for any work of the Gospel. Let us be careful to search our hearts, and honestly express to God our desire for His fame, His name, His glory alone. Let us desire to decrease, so that He might increase.


Father, you alone are God. There is no other worthy of being worshipped. We confess that we ourselves are not worthy of adoration. Only by your gracious intervention in our lives have we received salvation, and by your Son the privilege to even speak your name. Thank you for the gracious invitation to serve you. Help us know how to humble ourselves, how to decrease. We ask Holy Spirit that you would draw the lost among us to salvation. Awaken the hearts of your followers to lay down our lives, take up our cross, and follow you. Whatever work you choose to do, we will elevate you above ourselves as the source and purpose of all that we do. Jesus, bring revival to our congregations and to our city, for the honor and glory of your name.