"My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power." I Cor. 2:4

By: Leigh Kohler, Co-Founder and Executive Director Freedom Church Alliance

April 5, 2018

Richard Owen Roberts defined revival as “an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results.” In the last few years of ministry, if there’s anything I have learned, it’s how much I need the Holy Spirit to carry out the assignment God has given me. I’ve also learned that ministry requires hard work and perseverance. It sometimes feels as if my sail is up, and I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, but I’m having to row and row and row to move forward. But then, suddenly and often unexpectedly, the wind catches the sail, and all I can do is hold on and let the wind of the Spirit carry me along. These are awesome jaw-dropping moments because I know I’ve just witnessed the miraculous power of God come and do what I could not. I do not want to be part of ministry that can be carried out in the flesh. Despite the discomfort, I want to be part of something that requires God to show up. My prayer for us is that during this 50-day prayer journey, we would see God do the extraordinary.

These divine and extraordinary moments come as a result of crying out to the Lord in prayer. Persevering prayer precedes revival because it’s what opens the door to the power of God. Let us keep hoisting our sails and yearning for the Spirit of God to work powerfully in us and through us. Charles Spurgeon once said, “Without the Spirit of God, we can do nothing. We are as ships without the wind, branches without sap, and like coals without fire, we are useless.” We desperately need the power of God, and the wonderful news is that God can do more in five minutes than we can do in five years. Prayer brings rest into our work.

A real and present danger we face in America is putting our hope in our many resources, connections, and abilities to run our churches and our ministries. How tempting it is to be constantly looking around and comparing our ministries to others. How easy and subtle it is to keep ourselves busied with conferences, meetings, seminars, books and podcasts. These are all useful tools and gifts that the Holy Spirit uses to encourage and strengthen us, but they are not substitutes for personal prayer and intimacy with Jesus Christ.

We will not affect the brokenness of this world without the Spirit of God breathing on what we do. He doesn’t need the most talented or capable servants, He delights to use those who fear Him and walk with Him in humble dependence and faith. He can trust the man or woman who knows that it’s when the knees bow that the wind begins to blow. May we not go another day attempting to do anything for God without first praying, “Holy Spirit come.” I believe that our best days as the body of Christ are just ahead.


Lord Jesus, thank you for the gift of prayer and thank you for your Holy Spirit who is precious to us. I ask that you would deeply touch each one of us with the power of your Spirit in these days. Revive us Lord, and quicken in us what needs quickening. Set our hearts ablaze with passion for you. Father, we don’t want what is man-made, man-manipulated, or man-sustained. We want You and we want Your movement and fullness in our lives and ministries! May your Kingdom come and Your will be done through us today. We love you. Amen.